George Barnick

I am the president and founder of Fredericksburg Technology, a leading IT service provider in the Fredericksburg region. I have 13+ years of experience in tech fields, ranging from full-stack web development, software engineering, IT consulting, and security. I began my career as a web designer, contributing to open-source projects such as MediaWiki and Wikimedia Foundation with a focus on user experience design and social features. I grew from there into full-stack development and operated several Linux-based web servers hosting free online communities serving over 65,000 users.

I am a member of the Rappahannock-Fredericksburg Rotary Club and active community service participant in the Fredericksburg area. I serve as a board member for the SPCA of Fredericksburg and have adopted two dogs there myself, as well as being involved in various other community organizations and non-profits.

As a hobby, I spent several years practicing photography, and operated a commercial photography business for 3 years, with most of my attention being towards photography in the automotive industry, for auto manufacturers, aftermarket companies, auto shops, and motorsports. Some of my portfolio is available on my Flickr.